8 Ways to Use Mason Jars: Wedding Style

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July 12, 2012,

The Mason jar. Used in the Southern kitchens of yesteryear to ‘put up’ vegetables from the summer garden, the iconic Mason jar has become a very modern symbol of the simple life movement. Best known for its ability to enhance the flavor of sweet tea, it has lived a double life as a flower vase. But have no fear, the age of DIY has breathed new life into these darling receptacles. Whether your wedding budget is big or small, these 8 Mason jar decorating ideas will add big character to your special day.

1. Centerpieces: It is said that there’s beauty in simplicity. Textured twine compliments delicate flowers in these centerpieces, adding a little romance to the table. Just wrap twine around the center of a Mason jar and fill with your favorite blooms.


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2. Aisle Markers: Swoon worthy hydrangeas make their home in a Mason jar and play their role as aisle markers. Create a sling for the jar out of wide satin ribbon and drape over the back of each chair flanking the aisle. Use a bright colored ribbon to add a pop of color.


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3. Drinking Glasses: Drinking glasses that double as party favors…brilliant! Use a stencil and chalkboard paint to create blank name tags. Then, have each guest write their name on a jar. Don’t forget the chalk!


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4. Chandelier: This chandelier made from reclaimed wood and upcycled Mason jars packs on the rustic charm. Fill the bottom of each jar with sand and nestle candles in the center to create a lighting scheme with a big statement.


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5. Floral Décor: Simply fill a jar a third of the way with water, and float a single flower bloom for dramatic detail. For a bit of whimsy, swing the Mason jars from the branches of your favorite tree.


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6. Kiddie Cups: Mason jars are kid friendly, too! Use a lid to keep messes to a minimum and poke a hole just big enough for a straw. These pint sized jars will be almost as cute as the little ones drinking from them…almost.


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7. Luminaries: Group assorted sizes of jars together down the center of each table and fill with tea lights and votives. The candlelight creates a warm, intimate setting sure to make your guests feel the love.


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8. Photo Holders: Mason jars give vintage family photos and olde tyme feel when repurposed as picture frames. The jars serve as a sort of time capsule, treating each photo as a special memory to hold near and dear.


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