VIE Speaks, Arix Zalace, Paper Bear Film

Episode 63: “The Journey of the Paper Bear Project!”

A Conversation with Arix Zalace

Arix Zalace, a renowned filmmaker, longtime Florida Panhandle resident, and owner of AZA Productions, joined the VIE Speaks lineup to share his creative vision for the upcoming feature film The Paper Bear. In partnership with social entrepreneur and philanthropist Sean Couch, Zalace honed a shared vision to protect and preserve the Panhandle’s natural wonders. Beyond a mere film, The Paper Bear represents a preservation movement aiming to raise awareness about the region’s immense biodiversity. Viewers will be taken on a captivating coming-of-age adventure (for both boy and bear) and learn to view the world through the eyes of the area’s majestic native black bears. The film is a powerful tool that aims to illuminate the Panhandle’s extraordinary natural heritage and foster a deep connection with its ecosystems. During the filming process, Arix had the remarkable opportunity to live alongside a family of black bears, gaining invaluable insights into their behaviors, their vital role within the ecosystem, and the urgent need to protect them. The Paper Bear entertains and aims to inspire a profound appreciation for the Panhandle’s biodiversity and instill a commitment to its preservation. This episode will leave you with a newfound respect and admiration for the creatures who share our neighboring forests, offering a fresh perspective on the dedication required to execute this premier conservation piece in media.

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