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The Power of a Rainbow

All Things Bright and Beautiful

By Lisa M. Burwell

I have set My rainbow in the clouds and it will be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. — Genesis 9:13

A spectrum of refracted light in the shape of an arc, the rainbow is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can bring hope to the weariest of souls or a smile to those walking in divine gratitude. I don’t recall ever seeing one that did not cause me to catch my breath from its sheer beauty, filling me with a sense of joy—a joy that everything in the world will be all right. With that joy comes a sudden understanding that some things in life are far greater than I could ever know.

Gracing the cover of this Art & Culture Issue is the image of a magnificent rainbow over Senja, Norway, captured by Finland-based photographer and storyteller Paul Hänninen. In a world of increasingly rare sightings of stunning flora and fauna, I find incredible depth and meaning in his captivating photography of nature’s handiwork. You can learn more about this talented artist in my interview, “Exploration, Enlightenment, and Enthusiasm,” where Hänninen shares his contagious message of hope and gratitude and his view of a world that is still a beautiful place after all.

This issue is a reminder to me that when I first envisioned what kind of magazine VIE should be, what it should say, and what it should offer our readers, I knew there existed endless topics that would enrich a world starving for stories with heart and soul. What I did not realize was how much good I would encounter over the years. Of the many lessons I’ve learned along the way, the most cherished is that there is immense good and beauty in our world if you know where to look.

To Life!

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—Lisa Marie

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